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    Their Relationship to Egyptian Myths and Modern Civilization

    Rudolf Steiner


    ‘The mission of our age is not to reproduce an ancient wisdom, but to engender a new one – a wisdom that points not only to the past but that works prophetically into the future.’ – Rudolf Steiner

    Beginning with ancient Egypt, the pyramids and sphinxes – and a comparison of that epoch with our own – Rudolf Steiner surveys a vast spiritual landscape of human development. In symphonic style, he describes the conquest of the physical plane in post-Atlantean civilizations, the relationships between the various cultural epochs, the human being’s connections with the kingdoms of nature and the different planetary bodies, and the relationship of animal forms to ‘the physiognomy of human passions’. Through this panoramic vision, we discover how the changed conditions of human consciousness call for a new spiritual understanding today.

    In her Introduction, Marie Steiner relates the special experience of being a member of Rudolf Steiner’s audience for this timeless series of lectures: ‘Enormous cosmic pictures were unfolded before the spiritual gaze of the listeners; insights were of such depths of ancient wisdom, views of distant futures of human and world development, that deepest devotion flowed through their hearts…’ This new edition features a revised translation, introduction, notes and an index.

    31 October 2022; Trans. rev. by M. Barton; Intro. by M. Steiner (Eleven lectures, Stuttgart, Aug. 1908, GA 105); RSP; 212pp; 23.5 x 15.5 cm; pb;

    £18.99  ISBN 9781855846029