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    If you have any questions regarding completed orders, please contact our distributor BookSource (who process all our orders) or call BookSource on +44 141 642 9192.


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    Reduced discount under £30 retail (except CWO)
    United Kingdom: post paid
    Abroad: post extra


    if you have difficulty ordering from this website or a bookshop, you can order direct from Booksource. Send payment with order, sterling cheque / PO made out to “Booksource”, or quote VISA, Mastercard or Eurocard number (and expiry date).


    United Kingdom: Add £2.50.
    Europe Airmail: add £5.00 for the first book and £1.50 per book thereafter.
    Rest of World Airmail: add £10.00 for the first book and £2.50 per book thereafter.


    All orders are supplied on firm sale. Returns can only be authorized by Rudolf Steiner Press. When authorized, returns should be sent to: Booksource, 50 Cambuslang Road, Glasgow, G32 8NB.

    Prices are valid in the United Kingdom only and are correct at 1st August 2017 but are subject to change without notice. All books are net.

    blt = booklet
    pb = paperback
    ssb = sewn softback
    hb = hardback

    Rudolf Steiner Press is the exclusive distributor of Steinerbooks (USA), New Knowledge Books (UK) and Mercury Arts Publications (UK).

    Apart from publishing books, we distribute other publishers' titles, in particular those of our sister company in the USA, Steinerbooks (AP). Other publishers are abbreviated as follows:

    CP = Completion Press
    MA = Mercury Arts Publications
    NK = New Knowledge Books
    SB = Sophia Books (an imprint of Rudolf Steiner Press)
    SBC = Steiner Book Centre
    SGP = St George Publications
    GA = Gesamtausgabe, the collected edition of Rudolf Steiner's works in the original German, published by Rudolf Steiner Verlag, Dornach, Switzerland.