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    Finding The Greater Self

    Rudolf Steiner


    As a spiritual teacher, Rudolf Steiner wrote many inspired and beautifully-crafted verses. Often they were given in relation to specific situations or in response to individual requests; sometimes they were offered to assist generally in the process of meditation. Regardless of their origins, they are uniformly powerful in their ability to connect the meditating individual with spiritual archetypes. Thus, the meditations provide valuable tools for developing experience and knowledge of subtle dimensions of reality.

    Matthew Barton has translated and selected Steiner’s verses, sensitively arranging them by theme. In this collection – to promote harmony and healing – Rudolf Steiner helps us discover a renewed sense of our true place in the world. The verses show how we can learn to know ourselves by looking outwards to the substances and processes at work in the cosmos, and in contrast to know the world by looking inwards to the microcosmic depths of the human self. By integrating spirit and matter within, we heal divisions in our relationships with others. For modern people, increasingly divorced from a living relationship with nature, these verses help to unfold a world of interconnections.

    24 April 2018; Trans. M. Barton (Selected verses from GAs 40, 267 and 268); RSP; 74pp; 17.5 x 12 cm; pb;

    £7.99  ISBN 9781855845497