Rudolf Steiner signature

    Contributions to a Methodical Schooling in Colour Experience

    Foreword by S.O. Prokofieff

    Elisabeth Wagner-Koch, Gerard Wagner


    'What is postulated here is not the dogmatic laying down of a way of working. Rather the aim is to make evident one possible means of access to an experience of the colour world... and guide actual practice to Rudolf Steiner's sketch motifs - to their eminent educational power - for we recognize in them a path that can become of great significance to the developing human soul.' - From the Introduction

    This unique workbook describes the early stages of a training for painters, teachers, as well as total beginners. These stages are based on recommendations Rudolf Steiner gave for the further development of an art of painting suitable for our time. The sources are: Steiner's indications for the teaching of painting in the first Waldorf School, his colour and art lectures, and the sketches he made for painters. Together they form a self-contained system of exercises for a new art that is spiritually alive.

    Gerard Wagner, born in Germany in 1906, grew up in England and studied at the Royal College of Art in London. He went to Dornach, Switzerland, and in 1928 became a student of Henni Geck. On encountering Rudolf Steiner's training sketches he found his life's work. In metamorphosing them, he was able to develop a systematic approach to painting. Elisabeth Wagner-Koch became his first pupil in 1950, and together they founded a painting school at the Goetheanum, Switzerland. Gerard Wagner died in 1999, leaving a legacy of more than 4,000 images

    The path that Gerard and Elisabeth Wagner have set forth - which leads to experience of the spiritual basis of artistic activity and strengthens the human being's creative potential - can serve as the means for a renewal of the art of painting out of the eternal and inexhaustible sources of the spirit.' - Sergei O. Prokofieff , from the Foreword

    14 December 2009; Translated by P. Stebbing; RSP; 128pp; 28.5 x 22.5 cm; hb;

    £25.00  ISBN 9781855842267 - This title is out of print.