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    The remarkable discussions in this volume took place between Rudolf Steiner and workers at the Goetheanum, Switzerland. At Rudolf Steiner's instigation, the varied subject-matter was chosen by his audience. He took their questions and usually gave immediate answers. The astonishing nature of these responses - their insight, knowledge and spiritual depth - is testimony to Steiner's outstanding ability as a spiritual initiate and profound thinker. Accessible, entertaining and stimulating, the records of these sessions will be a delight to anyone with an open mind.

    In this particular collection, Rudolf Steiner deals with topics ranging from sunspots to strawberries! He discusses, among other things: Lemuria and Atlantis; Chinese and Indian cultures; raw food; vegetarianism; children's nutrition; manure and soil; hardening of the arteries; the sense of smell; planetary influences; weather and its causes; creation of the world; origin of the human being; Saturn, Sun and Moon; Darwinism; earth strata and fossils; Biela's comet; star wisdom; evolution of human culture; lightning, and volcanoes.

    June 2002; Trans. revised M. Barton (14 lectures, Dornach, 30 Jun to 24 Sept 1924; GA 354); RSP; 256pp; 21.5 x 13.5 cm; pb;

    £14.99  ISBN 9781855841123