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    The Quest for the Renewal of the Mysteries

    Rudolf Steiner


    The wisdom contained in this book is not derived via the usual methods of scholarly and historical research, and neither is it based on theory or speculation. Rudolf Steiner acquired his original contribution to human knowledge from metaphysical dimensions of reality which are hidden to most people – but visible to anybody who is prepared to develop spiritual means of perception.

    With his philosophical and scientific training, Steiner brought a new systematic discipline to the field of spiritual research, allowing for fully conscious methods and comprehensive results. A natural seer, he cultivated his spiritual vision to a high degree, enabling him to speak with authority on previously veiled mysteries.

    Samples of his work are to be found in this book of edited texts, which brings together excerpts from his many talks and writings on the subject of the Holy Grail. This volume also features an editorial introduction, commentary and notes by Dr Andrew Welburn.

    Chapters: From the Mysteries to Christianity; Death and Resurrection in Ancient Egypt – the Miracle of Initiation; The Mystery of Golgotha; The Mystery of the Higher Ego – the Holy Grail; The Grail and the Spiritual Evolution of Humanity; The Gnostic Crisis and the Loss of the Mysteries; Stages of Evolution – Archaic Clairvoyance; The Role of the Mysteries; The Secret of Evolution – the Holy Grail.

    20 October 2023; Selected texts ed. by Dr A. Welburn; RSP; 94pp; 17 x 12 cm; pb;

    £8.99  ISBN 9781855840744