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    Conversations and Human Relations:

    Inner Aspects of the Fundamental Social Law and The Threefold Social Organism

    Rudolf Steiner, Selected and Annotated by Gary Lamb


    “We live in [a time when] human beings must become independent. But on what does this depend? It depends on people’s become self-assertive, to not allow themselves to be put to sleep [in their thinking]. It is the antisocial forces that require development in this time, for consciousness to be present. It would not be possible for humanity in the present to accomplish its task if...these antisocial forces did not become ever more powerful; they are indeed the pillars on which personal independence rests. At present humanity has no idea how much more powerful antisocial impulses must become.” — Rudolf Steiner (Dec. 12, 1918)

    Rudolf Steiner’s profound and practical insights and indications concerning what happens when human beings meet and interact with one another are scarcely known and studied seriously by few. But, despite having been worked with but scantly in the last hundred years, these indications and insights could easily provide the basis for a widescale reawakening of our own, perhaps latent, capacities to listen, speak, and understand one another at a higher level, as beings of soul and spirit.

    This volume, edited and compiled by Gary Lamb, provides a succinct yet thorough overview of Steiner’s many remarks and insights into the mysteries of social encounter, as well as offering helpful commentary and contextualization.

    Using Steiner’s words, and his own thread of commentary running throughout, Lamb shows how spiritualized conversations and interpersonal dynamics attained through rigorous self-development practices provide the necessary soul-spiritual substance and forces necessary for the overcoming of evil in modern life.

    26 June 2024; SB; 96pp; 21.6 x 14 cm; pb;

    £13.99  ISBN 9781621483656