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    7 lectures in Dornach, Switzerland, March 11–23, 1923

    Rudolf Steiner


    “Historical happenings on Earth can be understood in their reality only when we see them as reflections of what is being enacted in the supersensible, spiritual world between the beings of the higher hierarchies.” — Rudolf Steiner (March 17, 1923)

    What is the qualitative difference between the utterance of true and untrue words? Is there one? How about between living and dead thoughts? What is the origin of war and strife among peoples on Earth? How can humanity find a right relationship to the beings of the spiritual world? These are among the compelling questions addressed by Rudolf Steiner in this concise yet powerful series of lectures given in March 1923, comprising this volume of “The Collected Works of Rudolf Steiner.”

    In these lectures, Steiner portrays, among other things, the work of various hierarchical beings—both in collaboration and sometimes in opposition to one another—whose activity and strife in the spiritual world is mirrored in the migrations of and wars among peoples on Earth. The clashes between East and West, for example, are thus seen in an entirely new light, heralding a sea change in the approach to history. No longer should events on Earth be viewed as isolated within themselves, but rather as interwoven in a grand, vibrant tapestry formed from the threads that connect humanity on Earth with the activity and aims of exalted spiritual beings.

    Humanity has profound potential—for both good and evil. The question is whether we will be able to rise to a renewed form of cognition through which we can once again grasp living spiritual reality, or we will persist in the dead, intellectualized thinking so common today, thinking that (as Steiner points out in the final lecture of this volume), if not transformed, will lead to the gradual destruction of Earth itself.

    These lectures are a tour de force that should not be neglected by any serious student of history or the future of humanity and human life more broadly.

    This volume is a translation from German of Die Impulsierung des weltgeschichtlichen Geschehens durch geistige Mächte, Rudolf Steiner Verlag, 1989 (GA 222). Cover Image : Naval Battle of Le Panto (1571), by Luca Cambiasi (1521–1585); at the Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Spain.

    31 August 2023; Translated by Dorothy S. Osmond and Johanna Collis; (GA 222); SteinerBooks; 152 pages; Includes 10 colour plates; 235mm x 152mm; Paperback;

    £18.99  ISBN 9781621483168