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    A Spiritual-Scientific Study

    Ernst Katz


    After some three millennia, why write anything further on the Ten Commandments? They have been discussed, parsed, codified, moralized, and much more. In this book, Ernst Katz discusses the Ten Commandments in terms of the evolution of human consciousness, suggesting that we need to view this ancient moral guide in whole new ways.

    Using the Spiritual Science of Rudolf Steiner and his lifetime of study as a framework, Dr. Katz holds the Ten Commandments against the background of cosmic evolution, including the development of the tenfold human makeup, biblical prophecies, and the turning point in time of Christ’s incarnation on Earth and his “fulfillment” of the Law.

    In the present time of the human consciousness soul, it is imperative that we renew our view of the Ten Commandments and the whole nature and meaning of morality. With the development of “I”-consciousness and autonomous human conscience, we must no longer simply follow an externally impressed law but express the spiritual inner law of conscience.

    Ernst Katz writes: “The aim of this study is to develop a better understanding of the spiritual origin of the Commandments; the reasons for their existence; their meaning and significance; and the various metamorphoses they have undergone since their inception. Such considerations can then, we hope, open a door to the true source of human morality in general. This is of the utmost importance in our time; for all moral values—and this includes the 'moral freedom' people frequently crave today—can be sustained only if such values are based on insight in the living process through which morality develops in human beings, both in the past and in our own time.”

    Foreword by Virginia Sease, PhD
    Editor’s Preface
    1. The First Commandment and the Oneness of the Spiritual World
    2. The Second Commandment
    3. Building Blocks of the Third Commandment
    4. The Fourth Commandment
    5. Introduction to the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Commandments
    6. The Sixth Commandment and the Origin of Death Forces
    7. The Seventh Commandment and the Life Ether
    8. The Eighth Commandment
    9. The Ninth Commandment
    10. The Tenth Commandment
    11. Concluding Thoughts

    October 2016; SB; 280pp; 23 x 15mm; pb;

    £22.50  ISBN 9781621481669