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    A Cosmic Perspective

    Edward Reaugh Smith


    With this major work, Edward Reaugh Smith concludes his singular series on the Bible and Anthroposophy. Understanding the Book of Revelation presents the ultimate challenge to those who wish to penetrate its deepest meaning—a spiritual mountain whose summit has remained beyond reach to most people. Paradoxically, in spite of its name, Revelation is the most veiled and mysterious book in the Bible.

    A century ago, Rudolf Steiner opened a route to that summit. This book is the first extensive application of that priceless resource to the full text of Revelation. The substance of what Steiner tells us about John’s Revelation derives from the individuality who had that Apocalyptic Vision—he was a seer and visionary, and his account is esoteric and open only to such a seer. Smith presents Steiner as a seer who, for the first time since John wrote his Revelation, has penetrated the obscuring veil of this text.

    The scope of John’s vision and Steiner’s exposition covers the vast stretch of our human journey. Our ongoing involvement in that journey is not optional. We are each in it from beginning to end. This book is for those who would awake to it.

    The Christian Mystery
    The Grand Scheme
    One like a Son of Man
    From Timelessness to Time to Timelessness
    Basic Structure of Revelation
    The Churches
    Interlude for Evolutionary Panorama and Reflection
    The Sixth Evolutionary Epoch and the Opening of the Seven Seals
    The Blowing of the Seven Trumpets
    The “Great Portent” of the Woman that Appeared in Heaven
    The Two Beasts
    Separating the Sheep from the Goats
    Our Solar Companions
    The Holy City, New Jerusalem
    The Three Rainbows
    Index of Scriptures Cited
    General Index

    9 May 2016; SB; 296pp; 23 x 15 cm; pb;

    £22.50  ISBN 9781621481430