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    “Fairy tales and sagas are comparable to a good angel, granted human beings as a companion from birth on their life’s wanderings, to be a trustworthy comrade throughout—offering comradeship, and making life inwardly into a truly ensouled fairy tale!” - Rudolf Steiner (quoting Karl Julius Schröer)

    “There is a big difference in whether or not one has a child grow up with fairy tales. The soul-stirring nature of fairy-tale pictures becomes evident only later on. If fairy tales have not been given, this shows itself in later years as weariness of life and boredom. Indeed, it even comes to expression physically; fairy tales can help counter illnesses. What is absorbed little by little by means of fairy tales emerges subsequently as joy in life, in the meaning of life—it comes to light in the ability to cope with life, even into old age. Children must experience the power inherent in fairy tales while young, when they can still do so. Whoever is incapable of living with ideas that have no reality for the physical plane ‘dies’ for the spiritual world.” - Rudolf Steiner

    “The Interpretation of Fairy Tales”
    “Fairy Tales in the Light of Spiritual Investigation"
    “Fairy Tales in Education”
    “Fairy Tales and Rosicrucian Wisdom”
    “The Significance of Fairy Tales in Our Time.”

    July 2013; Trans. P. Stebbing; SB; 144pp; 21.5 x 14 cm; pb;

    £12.99  ISBN 9781621480327