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    Taking account of modern medical knowledge and practice, and deeply versed in alchemical, Paracelsian, and naturopathic approaches, as well as homeopathy, aroma therapy, and other 'alternative' therapies, Steiner demonstrates, on the basis of his own researches, how a truly integrated whole-person medicine is possible - one that understands the human as a being of body, soul, and spirit; a microcosm in the macrocosm, a mirror of the earth and of the heavens.

    Steiner's enthusiasm and familiarity with his subject are in evidence everywhere in this volume. The wealth of insights and the range of topics are staggering - from the meaning of sickness, polarities in the human organism, and the relation of therapy and pathology, to the nature of plant, mineral and animal in relation to the human being. Specific organs (heart, lungs, bladder, kidney, liver, and nervous system) and specific diseases (including cancer, tuberculosis, diabetes, and meningitis) are brought into extraordinary new relationships and interconnections. The whole question of diagnosis, health, and treatment is repeatedly viewed from various points of view.

    January 2011; Trans. C. E. Creeger (20 lectures, 21 Mar-9 Apr 1920, Dornach, GA 312); SB; 356pp; 23.5 x 15 cm; pb;

    £30.00  ISBN 9780880106429