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    Spirit, Nature and Our Bodies

    Rudolf Steiner


    In all his lectures to doctors and in his explanations of anthroposophic medicine, Steiner emphasized that his medical concepts are not intended to replace conventional Western medicine, but to extend it; diagnosis and healing methods are expanded to include our soul and spirit.

    In these broadly ranging talks, Steiner introduces fundamental principles of anthroposophically-extended medicine. Some of the most remarkable insights that anthroposophy brings to medicine are contained in this volume. For example, Steiner points out that the heart is not a pump and that its motion is a consequence, not the cause, of rhythmic movements in human beings.

    Topics include: health problems, such as hay fever, migraine, sclerosis, cancer, tuberculosis, typhoid, and childhood diseases; the polarity between nerve and liver cells; the functions of the spleen and the gallbladder; the three basic processes of sensory-nervous system, rhythmic system, and metabolic-limb system; regenerative and degenerative processes; the true nature of the nervous system; and many suggestions for the use of minerals, plants, and artistic therapies in healing.

    January 2011; Trans. C. E. Creeger (11 lectures, 28 Aug 1923-29 Aug 1924, GA 319); SB; 320pp; 23.5 x 15 cm; pb;

    £22.50  ISBN 9780880106412