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    Life's Unfolding from Conception through Death to Rebirth

    Beredene Jocelyn


    In this sequel to the bestselling 'Meditations on the Signs of the Zodiac', Beredene Jocelyn sheds valuable new light on the cosmic meaning of existence by charting life's passages in concert with planetary laws. With compassion, authority and a deep knowledge of spiritual science, the author explores in clear detail such subjects as life's year-by-year unfolding through the stages of child development and adult life, as well as thanatology (the science of death and dying) and the process of passing through the journey from death to rebirth.

    Beredene Jocelyn presents a far-reaching, holistic perspective on the place of human beings in the universal order - a major effort that recalls the immense achievement in the spiritual research of Rudolf Steiner. Citizens of the Cosmos meets the growing urgent need for spiritual wisdom and individual responsibility. It will appeal not only to general readers, regardless of occupation or life status, but will be especially relevant for all those interested in spiritual values and our human place in the cosmos.

    SB; 220pp; pb;

    £22.50  ISBN 9780880106337