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  • ESOTERIC LESSONS 1904 - 1909 VOL 1

    Rudolf Steiner

    ESOTERIC LESSONS 1904 - 1909 VOL 1

    Only recently has it become clear that on most occasions Rudolf Steiner would visit a city to give a lecture, either to members or to the general public, and also hold a meeting of the Esoteric Section where he also gave a talk. These talks were intended to provide his most advanced students with the esoteric background of his ongoing spiritual research.

    The three volumes of Steiner's "esoteric lessons" - recently published in German - are based on notes taken by his special students. The talks are profound, intimate, and revealing and will be a major resource for serious students of Steiner's work and anyone interested in Anthroposophy and Western esotericism.

    Covering a vast range of subjects in a continuous flow of lectures (more than 1500 pages), Rudolf Steiner's esoteric lessons will surely become an essential part of every library of spiritual works.

    This volume is a translation of Aus den Inhalten der esoterischen Stunden, GedÄchtnisaufzeichnungen von Teilnehmern. Band.1, 1904-1909; Band.2 1910-1912; Band.3, 1913 und 1914; 1920 1923 (GA 266).

    April 2007; Trans: James H. Hindes; (GA 266); SB; 592pp; 23 x 15 cm; pb;

    £35.00  ISBN 9780880106108