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    Edited by Fred Paddock and Mado Speigler


    Librarian Fred Paddock of the Rudolf Steiner Library initiated this book, because he had long felt the need to make available some of the cutting edge writings of European anthroposophists. Judaism and Anthroposophy examines the relationship between anthroposophy and religion, between Christian and Jewish esotericism, and between Kabbalah and anthroposophy. It also focuses on Jewish lives in anthroposophy, including those of Martin Buber, Hugo Bergman, Shimon Levy, and Ernst Müller. Also, three leading anthroposophic thinkers explore the question of anti-Semitism.

    This is an important contribution to the understanding of anthroposophy and its historical and contemporary interface with Judaism.


    • Johannes Schneider: "Christianity and Other Religions"
    • Günther Röschert: "On Judaism"
    • Ruth Windolf: "The Hebrew Experience of Reality as Contrasted with the Greek"
    • Schmuel Hugo Bergman: "The Blessing"
    • Shimon Levy: "What Is the Contribution of Judaism to the Life of Anthroposophy?"
    • Rolf Umbach: "The Kabbalah, an Esoteric Bridge to Christianity?"
    • David Schweitzer: "Spiritual Background: The Cosmic Christ in Judaism"
    • Hans Jürgen Bracker: "The Individual and Unity of Humankind - An Account of the Zionist and Anthroposophist Ernst Müller"
    • Gerhard Wehr: "Between Martin Buber and Rudolf Steiner: Hugo Bergman in Martin Buber's biography
    • Rudi Lissau: "Chosen Destiny"
    • Samuel Ichmann: "What God Is - or Isn't: A Jewish Waldorf Teacher's View"
    • Ralf Sonnenberg: "The Dark Side of the Enlightenment - The Eighteenth Century, Changing Perception of the World, and Anti-Semitism in the Early Modern Age
    • János Darvas: "François Joseph Molitor's Philosophy of History - Judaism As the Miniature Reflection of Humanity"
    • Dirk Lorenz: "Against a Return to Normality - Accusations of Anti-Semitism As an Occasion for Self-Examination"

    March 2004; SB/RSP; 128pp; pb;

    £17.99  ISBN 9780880105101