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    Pictures of the Transformation of Consciousness

    Van James


    Art, originally a part of the secret mystery cults of the ancient world, has become an expression of the individual creative intuition. This richly readable and lavishly illustrated text reveals how human consciousness has evolved through the medium of art. It makes the case for a hidden stream that has put forth art works and art movements throughout history, in an ongoing visible revelation of invisible spiritual currents.

    Look with Van James at an installation by Josef Beuys, an altar by Hieronymus Bosch, or a cave drawing by a Paleolithic artist, and the spiritual language of art begins to whisper from these pages.

    A treasury of wisdom that excavates the world history of art and interprets the cultural marrow of our ancestors as evidence of humanity's evolving consciousness, thereby encouraging the spiritual potential latent in the arts today.

    May 2002; AP; 280p; 24 x 20 cm; pb;

    £30.00  ISBN 9780880104975