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    How to Continue your Relationship with Those who have Died

    Rudolf Steiner


    The idea of "working with the dead" - of maintaining and enhancing our relationships with those who have died - was a fundamental part of Rudolf Steiner's work. This volume reaps a rich harvest of his thoughts on this subject. Steiner speaks directly out of his own experience, formulating meditation practises and verses that really work.

    We learn of the usefulness of reading to the dead, of using verbs (not nouns) when we talk with them, of the importance of the sacred moments of falling asleep and awakening for posing questions and receiving answers, of the way in which our memories of the dead are like "art" for them, of key moods we must cultivate such as community with the world, gratitude and confidence in the current of life. We learn, too, of the many ways discarnate souls can help us in our work on earth, and of the many ways we can help them.

    April 2000; Trans: various (selected lectures); AP; 288pp; pb;

    £17.99  ISBN 9780880104623