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    The Practice of Thinking

    Georg Kühlewind


    The goal of this study is to cultivate the experience of living, intuitive thinking, such as we experience with every new understanding. As Kühlewind puts it, this unique contribution to practice of anthroposophy has a twofold purpose: “to stimulate working with spiritual science through exercises, and to stimulate independent new formulations of its content on the basis of experience.”

    Working with Anthroposophy will help guide beginning students and inspire longtime students of the path opened up by Rudolf Steiner. As with all of Kühlewind’s works, this book opens new insights with each reading.

    “Anthroposophy was given to thinking as an idea and, through thinking, to the heart as a luminous warmth. But for about 150 years, a battle has raged around thinking: Will it fall prey to the mechanism of the brain? Will ‘the brain thinks’ become a reality? Or will thinking strengthen itself in its autonomy, and thereby become able to think actively, freely, and even oppose the existing mechanisms of the brain, dissolving and transforming them? When the cerebral apparatus dominates thinking, it makes no difference what we think, or think we think...

    Working with Anthroposophy can help make our thinking and psychological being ever more independent of the predetermined structures of the brain and the physical body. The aim of studying anthroposophy, therefore, is not knowledge of some contents falsely considered as information, but is an activity, an event.” (from the book)

    Trans: M. Lipson & C. Bamford.; AP; 96pp; pb;

    £11.99  ISBN 9780880103619